Global startup with one of Italy's most awarded sommeliers

Vino Nostrum delivers the finest artisan wines to your doorstep.

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A high-end marketplace for artisan wines

Vino Nostrum is specialized in artisan wines: natural wines, without any additives, produced in small batches to guarantee the highest quality and best expression of their terroir. Together, we launched the high-end marketplace for artisan wines.

Building a global team to serve a global market place

Within six months from our first meeting with Vino Nostrum entrepreneur Thomas Pahlberg, we have innovated, designed and built an international wine startup. Our development is done in Finland, our operations are in Italy, and the whole company is registered in Estonia (because otherwise we wouldn't be able to operate the business in Finland). The team is our biggest asset: on top of the Motley Crew our co-founders in Italy include Fabio Cagnetti, the 11th-most-awarded sommelier in Italy. So far we sell only the best artisan wines from Italy to Finland, Sweden and Germany; and we are aiming to be the #1 global marketplace for artisan wines.

Bringing high-end Italian wines closer to customers world-wide

The result brings high-end Italian wines directly from the wineries to customers' doors in Finland, Sweden and Germany, cutting out all the middlemen in between. Vino Nostrum continues to expand both the wine range and customer base to a global scale. Launched in November 2014, we are now seeking a seed investor.

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