Fullstack / Backend / Frontend Developers

We are doing bigger, more challenging, more important work than we’ve ever done before, and we are looking for developers to beef up our team:


We are looking for multiple developers to join our team.

As a frontend developer you write lots of HTML, CSS (and it's variants) and JavaScript (specifically React), but you aren’t afraid to dive into WordPress or you can find your way around e-commerce store frontends of SaaS products such as Shopify. Use your extensive knowledge of modern frontend development to deliver new exciting products for our clients and learn new things by contributing to our own inner processes, libraries and best practices! You also get to help your co-developers by triaging bugs and troubleshooting issues.

As a full-stack / backend developer you know enough of modern software development to contribute everywhere. And of course you get to write tons of awesome code: we mainly work with NodeJS on the backend, but we also have lots of experience on building backends with Python, PHP, Ruby-On-Rails, Scala and other server side languages. As our ideal candidate you should also be familiar with cloud services, continuous integration and delivery, relational and NoSQL databases and you should love working with Unix-y servers.

Likewise, if you don’t know all our core stack techs, it’s no biggie as long as you can learn them quickly and enthusiastically.

Most importantly, you should have an understanding of modern software development methodologies. You should have been doing this for long enough that you know how to choose the right tools, techs and methods for the job. And you should have a great track record in getting the job done from start to finish. As a developer you are an important piece of the whole picture: you get to do architecture planning, project planning, backlog writing and use agile and lean methodologies.

What we can offer you as an developer? To help you grow as a developer, we have a mentoring program, we offer any study related things you might need (courses, books...) and you get to travel to conferences of your choices. You also get to choose your own tools and the best possible hardware and software to help you produce the best possible code. And of course you will be compensated accordingly.

If this all sounds good to you, email us at jobs@motley.fi

Send us a mail, include your CV and/or portfolio / GitHub–profile / GitLab–profile / etc.. We'll invite the most promising candidates in for interviews over the coming weeks.

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