Hiring: Management Consultant

A senior-level position for a senior-level business strategist. Combine your experience & expertise with our lean & agile methodologies and we'll make magic together.

This one’s for the true consultants. We’re good at helping our customers understand the big pictures, the sea changes, the new forces that are stirring up opportunities and controversies in their industries. And our strategy team helps them create their plan to become the best possible version of their company in an uncertain future. 

Now we’re taking the next step and seeking someone to take an even deeper role in putting our strategic directives into practice. We’re hiring a management consultant. A tweaker, a tuner, a mixer. An alchemist who can reinvent our clients’ business. 

You should know how to: 

  • Recognize and capitalize on opportunities
  • Envision and drive changes within an organization
  • Create marginal gains repeatedly and consistently 

We prefer candidates who have: 

  • A graduate degree
  • At least 5 years of senior-level strategy experience
  • Leadership experience
  • Knowledge how the C-suite works & doesn't work

Professional fluency in English is a requirement and other languages, particularly Swedish or Finnish, are warmly welcome. 

Apply by December 5 using the form below.

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