UX Designer

Are you a multi-disciplinary, user-focused designer who can help create the big picture? We might get along perfectly.


Lots of things are “designed”, and unfortunately lots of things are designed without a rich understanding of how people experience those things. Rather than making the perfect balance between users and business, as a UX designer at Motley, it’s your job to fight for users and their feelings - let’s face it, a business profits best when its customers are satisfied and delighted.

As our UX designer, you have big-picture thinking, strategic capabilities, and you can still deliver on the tiniest details. 

You’ll create digital products and services for leading consumer brands and industrial companies and ensure good UX from start to finish.

It’s your responsibility to conceptualize how these services will be delightful, how they will be functional - and yes, how they’ll be business-relevant.

What you’ll do

  • Leading user research 
  • Translating the findings into feasible, desirable digital product and services
  • Balancing the business, users, and technical feasibility 
  • Be in charge of all motions and interactions within a product
  • Testing and validating progress of digital product development

What you need

  • 5+ years (or a proven equivalent) of exceptional UX design experience
  • Formal education in user experience design and design thinking, plus common sense to know when to cut the BS
  • Excellent skills in creating mockups, wireframes, prototypes of user interfaces, and evaluating and improving existing ones
  • A brave outlook and the capability to face all kinds of people - users, business, tech
  • A wide range of methodologies, tools, and perspectives 
  • The ability to lead design projects as well as lead our customers and their customers 
  • The ability to present findings and argumentation for solutions 
  • The ability to learn from others - and also teach others
  • Experience in working with B2B companies is a plus

We’d like you to have a minimum of 5 years work as a UX designer, preferably in an agency or in a dynamic company. You’ll work most closely with our Service Designers and Visual Designers but will be part of a cross-disciplinary team.

If you're all about the U in UX and ready to take on a role where you lead and learn, apply using the form on this page.

Please include your CV and portfolio or some other means of introducing yourself. We'll invite the most promising candidates in for interviews over the coming weeks.

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